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ShoutLife.comEnvision MySpace as owned and operated by the Christian community for the Christian community. That would give you ShoutLife.


com, another niche social networking site. Aiming to be “fun, clean and enjoyable,” the site has a welcoming interface with easy navigation. The site offers the usual menu for this genre including personal profiles, blogging, forums, YouTube, Photobucket, RockYou and other amenities. In addition to fostering individual connections, they place a strong emphasis on Christian music, comedy, authors and organizations — with separate categories for each. If you are an up-and-coming Christian author or musician, I highly recommend you join this site and make yourself known. They have an extensive and elaborate collection in each of these categories, with just as extensive a readership. In Their Own Words is a free Christian owned and operated social networking / community website. We offer completely free access to profile creation & customization, blogging, unlimited pictures, group participation, private messaging and more. does not consider itself to be just an alternative site — we hope to do better than that. We provide a fresh and clean approach to the world of community / blog websites that is extremely easy to use, yet still full of the features you want. There are absolutely no costs required to enjoy every feature on this website.

At, you will find thousands of positive, uplifting people and you can connect with many faith-based music groups/solo artists, authors/writers, comedians, churches, camps and more.

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site has perfected the art of niche social networking. You can make personal connections with others who share your belief as well as discover new artists, authors and organziations who also share that core value. For Christians, particularly young Christians, this site should hold a lot of appeal.

Some Questions About

Is it possible to purchase the Christian music and books from the site? I noticed they have an apparel store, but didn’t see the ability to purchase books or music. Have they considered a partnership with one of the online music and book sellers to connect all the dots? Also, the site was…well…quite white. From the staff, to the standard photos, to the featured artists, where is the diversity and color? Maybe this is an intention, but the site seems quite white, conservative and Republican.

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