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ShouldRedesign.comThere are a lot of websites out there, some gorgeous, some not so, and some which look as if they were assaulted by an epileptic with crayons in tow. Of these, the latter sort are tolerated perhaps because of age and perhaps because of authority.


Yet, there should be some outlet for people to express their dislike of these travesties of web design. That’s where ShouldRedesign comes in. Simply put, ShouldRedesign lets you vote whether a website needs a redesign or not. Some of the sites which the public has already placed in the makeover category are Fox news, the Drudge Report, TMZ, and Metafilter. It’s up to you to decide. By voting you’re doing a service to webmasters everywhere. In Their Own Words

“Launched in April 2008, a Suffolk Software project, Should Redesign aims to help webmaster determine if their websites need a refresh.

Users who visit are presented with a website and cast their vote if they think the website should be redesigned or not.

Quick and easy to use, anyone can cast a vote.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site gets straight to the point; the concept really couldn’t be simpler. Voting on web design amounts to a public service—no one wants to have to peel away their eyes from ugly sites. Aesthetics are key; an ugly site could lose you traffic and respect.

Some Questions About

Are new sites added often? Are website owners notified of the vote? Will commenting functionality be added?

Author : Siri Marshall

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