Legal Marketplace Should I Sign Will Change The Legal World Through Trust And Ease

Does your heart start racing at the thought of needing legal help? Does the word “lawyer” make you think of an empty bank account?


It shouldn’t be this way, and it’s no longer going to be.


Should I Sign is a legal marketplace that makes the process of finding a lawyer quick and painless, and connects clients with attorneys who don’t spring any billing surprises.


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With Should I Sign, there’s a clear destination for individuals and businesses to turn to for legal help. The reason: instead of embarking on a search for a lawyer, people post a request that states what services they need. They then receive proposals from pre-approved attorneys. They can view detailed information about each attorney (including ratings from previous clients) and pick the attorney that best suits their needs.


This approach considerably speeds up the process of engaging an attorney, and posting requests is completely free for clients. We’re already accustomed to on-demand rides, doctors, meals, dates, education, younameit, so it’s absolutely about time that we have on-demand legal services.


On-demand legal services that don’t cause us to panic about fees. And how does Should I Sign change things for the better here? Attorneys offer fixed prices for legal tasks. This includes pay-per-minute phone consultations. So all the fees are known upfront, and the process is completely transparent.


And why would attorneys want to join? They’re all crooks, right? They no doubt prefer to keep fees undisclosed and the process obscure. Wrong. Which is exactly why attorneys would want to join the platform. Should I Sign is a chance for attorneys to demonstrate that the industry can be fair and forthcoming.


By setting fees in advance, pulling no surprises, attorneys gain the trust of clients. They distinguish themselves on Should I Sign from less scrupulous practitioners if not restore a measure of faith in the industry as a whole. What’s more, attorneys save themselves a bundle on advertising by directly pursuing clients they can assist on Should I Sign.


Built-in time tracking and automatic billing further free attorneys to focus on their legal work. Less time spent on chores means more time spent serving clients and therefore more money earned.


So, Should I Sign streamlines the legal services for both clients and attorneys. The platform relieves clients of the anxiety that comes with not knowing how much help will ultimately cost. And it helps attorneys to provide their services to more clients. It’s a textbook win win for both sides.


Want to find legal help fast, that you know you can trust and afford? Want to grow your legal practice by offering clients unambiguous terms? Sign up at


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