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ShotCode.comShotCode is a revolutionary way to advertise utilizing the camera phone. Most people today have a camera phone and companies can use ShotCode to advertise.


Basically people with camera phones can take a picture of a URL and be directed to that site and see an advertisement of the product. So if on your Coke can you take a photo of the coca cola URL, as long as the photo is clear, you will be directed to the site and an ad will appear. After the ad you could be presented with options that could allow you to buy merchandise. ShotCode is great for companies because they can advertise and give their consumers constant information on their product. It is good for users as well because they can learn more about a product instantly. Users just need to download the application from their phone. Companies pay a fee monthly depending on how many ShotCodes they want. Some of the companies that are using ShotCode are Coca Cola, Nike, Sony, XEOX, and other well known companies. In Their Own Words

“ShotCode connects your target audience to your websites in one click by using technology that changes camera mobile phones into personal “barcode” scanners. Install the ShotCode reader on a mobile phone, start the software, aim at a ShotCode and click. That is all it takes to connect your target audience to you, on impulse.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ShotCode has an attractive colorful interface. The video explanation is very useful and helps people visiting the site understand exactly how ShotCode works. ShotCode is a great way for companies to advertise and people to get informed on a product.

Some Questions About

If the future will you be able to change the shape of the ShotCode and the font and other aesthetics?

Author : Charly Zaks

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