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Shortmail.comThe concept of email is mutating by the hour into something that is better-suited to these times in which micro-sharing seems to have captured the imagination of people. Platforms like Facebook mail are leading the way into the future of how people communicate, with its streamlined approach and the absence of elements that while important are not vital for conveying the experience in question. And now a service like Shortmail comes around to make things even more compact.

Essentially, Shortmail is a communication platform that limits messages to 500 characters, and that does without attachments and elements that can be potentially distracting.

As a service, Shortmail is available for iOS, Android and mostly ever popular mail app currently in use. And both access through IMAP and POP3 is supported to the same extent.

If the above sounds interesting and you feel like giving this service a try, then you will be glad to know that such a thing can be done for free and without even having to create an account first. If you have a Twitter account you already have a Shortmail account, and you can use the service right away. In Their Own Words

Email, simplified.

Why It Might Be A Killer

By forcing people to send messages that are short and compact, it can but instil better working habits into them. And these habits can but start dictating the way they live day to day in turn.

Some Questions About

How wise is to totally dispense with attachments?