– A New Approach To Online Video is an online service that offers lots of free online videos to watch, sorted by categories.

The aim of Short Form is to search and classify the best short form videos into entertaining channels so you can watch many free online videos.

The system will show you your favorite videos, based on your preferences. These videos are arranged into clear categories, such as popular videos you can watch on Facebook. You will also have access to animated shorts and much more.

As you will see, is an interesting site not only because it gives you the chance to watch online videos, but also because you can browse different channels in order to share videos with all of your friends. All in all, is a good option when it comes to free online videos, short form videos and video entertaining channels you can watch for free. In Their Own Words

“Your place for video snacks.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a platform, it gives everybody a chance to sample what online videos feel like when they manage to stay 100 % relevant.

Some Questions About

What happens if they take a video I created, and they publish and edited version of it without me wanting that to happen to my clip? Can I request it be removed?