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Shopobot.comShopobot is here to let people who are planning on buying anything figure out the best time to do it. This web service can monitor the fluctuations in prices for as long as it is needed, and then notify users when they would be paying less for what they are keen on getting. The way Shopobot works, users are just requested to specify what they are after just once. The service will keep on monitoring and monitoring its price, and send out an alert when the product in question can be had by paying less for it.

Righ now, Shopobot is focused on consumer electronics. Which sort of limits its appeal, of course. But the site has just come out of private beta. The service still has a long, long path ahead of it, and many new categories to add along the way.

In the meantime, if you are planning on getting something such as a new camera or a new TV then you can get started right now. Simply sign in to the service using either your Twitter or Facebook account, pick the product you want it to monitor for you and keep looking ahead for Shopobot to notify you when the best time to get it comes. In Their Own Words

Shop smart.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site makes it possible to know when the best time for buying anything is simply by specifying what you are after. It will take care of all the tracking for you, and inform you of the best time to get it.

Some Questions About

When are more products becoming trackable through the site?