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Shopnics.comThe Shopnics website is an online resource which aims to take comparison shopping to a whole new level. This is done by taking into account nothing but the objective characteristics of the product as presented using a graph which has been developed to these purposes.

This graph goes by the name of “Shopnics Decision Graph”, and as you could expect there is sizable information about it online. Basically, it will let you compare multiple products at the very same time and apply smart filters to see the effects on all the products. Moreover, you can reduce your decision cycle by means of applying importance scales based on your needs until you arrive at the ideal product for you. You can also read product reviews online, as well as finding top deals.

The programmers behind this web-based service can be reached at [email protected]. Make sure to drop them a line and tell them what aspects you liked about Shopnics and how it could be improved if you use the site regularly. In Their Own Words

“Our goal is to simplify the shopping experience and help making buying decisions faster. We spent a year analyzing some of the electronic products and applied our knowledge in the field of Artificial Intelligence to come up with the algorithm to find the best decision and a presentation ‘Shopnics Decision Graph’ of the decisions. The algorithm is still in the development phase and we are constantly working on it to improve upon it to bring before you as accurate results as possible.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are partial to online shopping will take a liking to it, as it will let them find the right products at the right prices.

Some Questions About

How many different product categories are taken into account?