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Vote With Your Dollars! Buy Partisan Tells You Where Companies Are Donating

Today’s Killer Startup: Buy Partisan by Spend Consciously



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Elevator Pitch:

Buy Partisan is an app that helps you easily and quickly make informed purchasing decisions based on your personal beliefs.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

We’ve all heard the expression “vote with your dollars.” As companies and corporations become a bigger and bigger part of the political machine by donating money to political parties, our everyday purchases can actually have an effect on public policy.
The problem is, it can be really, really hard to find out exactly where big companies are donating their money. Sure, you can do Google search after Google search or, if you’re super dedicated, wade through white pages to figure out if a company is blue or red, but who really has the time for that? Sometimes you just want to buy a box of cereal.


That’s why Buy Partisan is pretty genius. When you use the app to scan the barcode on a product, it will pull up a quick overview of the political contributions of that company, including individual donation histories of the board of directors, the CEO, the company’s PACs, and even the employees. For people with strong political beliefs, it’s an instant gauge of where and how to spend your money.


Buy Partisan even lets you save companies whose values you agree with to your virtual shopping cart, making it easy to keep track of who’s on the nice list. You can also compare company donations for a view on who is out-donating whom, determining down to the dollar who you want to support.


The app currently has the top Fortune 200 companies included but is adding new ones every day. If you’re committed to putting your money where your mouth is, download Buy Partisan and start shopping smarter.



Put your money where your mouth is! Keep your conscience clean & shop smart with the @BuyPartisan app


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Author : Emma McGowan

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