Are You Ready To Shop Local… From Amazon?

Today’s Killer Startup: Bookindy


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Elevator Pitch:

Bookindy adds a button to Amazon that lets users buy books at their local independent bookstore.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I read a lot. Like, if I’m not sleeping or writing, I’m probably reading. Notice I didn’t include “eating” on that list: that’s because I usually read while I’m eating. I read so much that my boyfriend sometimes worries that I have a problem, like a book addiction.


As an avid reader, I’m always searching for the best prices on books. Unfortunately, that often means Amazon is the place I turn to when I’m looking to actually buy. As much as I love bookstores and I prefer to shop local, it’s hard to beat the low price point and convenience of that evil website, isn’t it?


This is a quandary that I think a lot of readers are struggling with right now, which is why I like Bookindy. The site adds a little plugin to Amazon, letting users know how much the book would cost at their local independent book shop. Users can order directly from their independent book stores, from the Amazon site. Choose between going to the bookstore to pick up your book, or having it delivered: both options benefit the book shop.


But what about cost? Bookindy points out that they’ve found that prices are, surprisingly, often cheaper in a local shop than on Amazon. They also remind users that when prices are, in fact, higher at the shop than on the site, you can feel good knowing that your extra money is going to keeping a local shop in business and not to a mega corporation like Amazon.


Bookindy is currently available in the UK and they’re working on getting it up and running in the States too. Hurry up, guys! I think there’s a huge market of readers like me who are dying to get their hands on your service.



Love #books and want to support your local bookstores? @GetBookindy hijacks Amazon and makes it oh so easy.


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