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ShootItLive.comIf you are thinking about creating an online newspaper or any other comparable publication, then this service might as well be the final piece in the puzzle. ShootItLive offers people who are in your position the chance to manage and publish professional video clips and live photo feeds using a powerful CMS.

This CMS will let you handle photos and clips that are being shot by reporters who are covering stories live, right where they are happening. Of course, this might sound a little too much for a publication which is just launching. You might think such a service would be better-suited to already-established publications, the kind that have to process a large influx of data and media.

But I beg to disagree. The truth is that if you want to engage the public from the very beginning, then you should aim to provide them with relevant content around the clock. And that is something ShootItLive will let you do, and in a cost-effective way at that. In Their Own Words

We help newspapers live publish photos and video clips!

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes for covering events in real-time – the moment media is captured, then it is featured on your publication.

Some Questions About

What else is this service good for? What other advantages does it bring?