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ShootingPeople.orgShooting People is an international network which is dedicated to the support and promotion of independent filmmaking. The site acts as a virtual meeting space for directors and actors, while providing information on forthcoming events of note such as festivals and so on.


The site features two sections that merit an explicit mention, namely “Make film” and “Watch film”. The former subdivides itself in categories such as “Production”, “People” and “Events”. Taken as a whole, these cover the whole process of filmmaking, from finding the right professionals and the necessary resources to the promotion of the finished product. On the other hand, the “Watch film” category will let you have a gander at the latest productions by members of the network. These include documentaries, music videos and shorts.

Moreover, there is a “Shop” link that is certain to cover your filmmaking needs, as reference materials are listed there and can be instantly purchased.

Information on how to join the Shooting People network is provided online, and the fees that apply are also described. Point your browser to if you want to inform yourself about this web-based endeavor in person. In Their Own Words

“A catalyst for change, growth and innovation, Shooting People helps its members get their films funded, made and seen. We believe Shooting People can make a major contribution to building a strong independent film scene, one which can offer alternatives to mainstream cinema, not only in how films are made but how those films are then seen.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Independent filmmakers everywhere are prone to appreciate the services on offer.

Some Questions About

How much is registration? What information do you have to supply?

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