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ShipGooder.comAre you looking for postal and shipping services in the United States? Do you need information about United States postal service rates? In both cases, you might be interested in this website. offers information about freight and shipping services in the US.

Ship Gooder lets you search for the best courier rates in Alabama, North Carolina and New York in addition to Texas and Nevada. In addition, on this website you can compare prices using the available directory. Remember you can search the couriers database by area, rate or zip code.

Do you need to ship something within the United States? Would you like to compare United States postal service rates? Then, you might want to visit and look for couriers in the US, compare shipping prices look for the best courier rates available. Feel free to stop by anytime you want to compare shipping rates online. In Their Own Words

“ShipGooder provides an easy, fast rate engine to get the best shipping rates by comparing local, regional and national courier companies. Since all couriers aren’t competitive in all locations, ShipGooder offers a way to check and compare the best rates. ShipGooder provides instant price comparisons and delivery options from a range of couriers. It’s that simple”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ShipGooder is easy to use and even easier to modify, if you need to update the cities you can see the results change in real-time in accordance with your specifications. You can view the table by courier view or price view, and saving your results is a breeze with the spreadsheet download option.

Some Questions About

Since ShipGooder is used in Canada as well, why doesn’t the site cater to the metric system in regards to parcel weight? It would also be easier if ShipGooder let you enter in the names of cities directly, instead of forwarding you to an outside site in order to look up the zip or postal code.