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Wanna Run A Big Online Video Event? Throw A Shindig

Today’s Killer Startup: Shindig




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Elevator Pitch:

Shindig is “a turnkey solution for online video chat events.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Have you ever tried to get a group together over video chat? While it’s undoubtedly an easier task that it was even five years ago, group video conferences are still really, really limited. Either you have people’s heads jumping around as they take their turns speaking or their voices cut out when someone else contributes or there’s a cap on how many people can participate…


Not so, with Shindig! It’s a new video chat platform that’s totally customizable for your company or organization, so if you’re looking to do a big video conference or chat without someone else’s clunky architecture, they’re exactly what you’re looking for.


Shindig aims to mimic the feel of a live event by allowing as many as 2,000 participants to not only watch what’s being presented (which is the case on most webinar or broadcasting software) but also interact in smaller groups of five or less as the event is going on. They can also “raise a hand” and address the entire group, after they’ve been vetted by the event admin. They’ve created a solution that makes genuine interaction and intimacy possible online, even in a large group.


Hats off, Shindig.


What I love about Shindig is the fact that it’s fully taking advantage of new technology. Instead of mimicking old tech (cough cough telephones cough cough), Shindig is utilizing the awesome tools we have at our disposal today to help people connect. And that, my friends, is what the internet should be all about.


So stop creating the same old boring webinars or broadcast events — they’re tired. Instead, create something that will actually engage your audience and give them something of value.



Looking for a new way to connect? You’ve never seen a video chat platform like this before. @ShindigEvents


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Author : Emma McGowan

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