Shift – A Better, More Beautiful Way To Switch Between Gmail Accounts

Managing multiple Gmail accounts reads like a productivity horror story – running multiple browsers, setting up different users in Chrome, adding email accounts and aliases to your primary account, signing in and out of multiple accounts…


Time for a new storyline.


Shift, by Redbrick, is a productivity application with a simple goal: to make navigating between multiple Gmail accounts faster, easier, and more efficient.




“Many people today rely on multiple Gmail accounts and G Suite apps like Docs, Drive and Calendar for both personal and business purposes. One of the biggest frustrations users face is constantly needing to toggle between these multiple accounts,” said Redbrick CEO Tobyn Sowden. “You might need to view the Calendar for one account and Drive for another. That means logging in and out of the corresponding account or opening up multiple browsers or tabs, and generally cluttering up your browser. We built Shift to eliminate those pain points.”


With Shift, all of your accounts live within one desktop application. You can seamlessly transition between Mail, Drive, Calendar, for multiple accounts. Behold – simple, streamlined and intuitive navigation that allows you to work faster and accomplish more.


The winning design of Shift is indicative of the creativity that has powered Redbrick into becoming 5th fastest-growing business in Canada and 2nd fastest-growing Canadian software company, as ranked in the 28th annual PROFIT 500. Redbrick commands an ever-growing portfolio of B2B offerings focused on user engagement and solution-driven technology.




Shift is available as both a free and a Pro version for a yearly subscription of $19.99. The basic plan offers customers access to two accounts; a sleek, clutter-free desktop application; easy switching between Mail, Calendar, and Drive; native desktop notifications; and cross-platform support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Pro plan upgrades include access to an unlimited number of inbox accounts and support for additional email providers like Outlook, as well as removal of the “Sent with Shift” signature. Currently, the company is offering 30 days of Shift Pro free of charge.


Ready to get Shift done? Preview features and learn more about the application at


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