– A Library For The Social Age

Shelfworthy.comReading habits are strong as ever, the one and only difference is that social networking sites have led to a change of scene that has begun being specifically tackled by websites such as Shelfworthy. In this particular case, what the site does is to stand as a social library where people list these titles that they are reading, as well as providing information such as why they like the book, whether or not they would recommend it and so forth.

In true social style, others can take notice of these recommendations and act upon them. The site is meant to grow like that, until a true network of literature lovers is created and books are promoted in a new setting – one that is as supple as the social web itself.

Users can also create wishlists and have them shared with the rest of the community. And these wishlists also make for further interaction since people who have read any of the books that others have marked down can offer their own take on that particular title. In Their Own Words

“The social media library.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People who love books and who are keen on sites like Facebook will be in their element here.

Some Questions About

Must you have read a minimum number of books in order to join the site?