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Shelby.tvA startup that you might know by name, has just moved into public beta and it can now be used by just anybody, so the time to review it has finally come. is a social site that brings together all the videos that your close friends have been liking and sharing, and uses that information in order to suggest videos that you might like to check out. This recommendation service is completely free, with you being able to log in using either your Facebook or Twitter account, and both iPad and iPhone versions are available on the iTunes store for those who want to take the whole experience mobile.

What’s more, there’s a browser bookmarklet that makes it really easy to save any video that you find and have it watched when you have the time, not to mention that it lets you share it with all of your friends even faster, of course.

Three different filters are provided for browsing videos on – you can have all these videos you’ve favorited put together, you can have the ones you want to watch later placed in the same page, and a timeline view will let you get to know all the clips your friends are sharing in a very tidy way. In Their Own Words

An amazing way to experience videos your friends are sharing.

Some Questions About

Can this become the “Facebook for video” that other companies like Plizy have been trying to become?

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