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SharingFeed.comSharing Feed is a new service that mainly brings two sites to mind: Twitter and Digg. It recalls Twitter because people who use Sharing Feed are enabled to post micro -messages in which they tell everybody what they are doing, and it pays a clear debt to Digg in the sense that these updates can be voted up and down by others.


So, it all ends resembling a Twitterfied community in which the participation of users is ranked by their partners. The ones who come up with the best status updates obviously sail to the top, and the ones whose words fail to strike a chord… they just end up hitting the bottom line.

And this site makes for sharing much more than updates. Users can post pictures, videos, articles they have found elsewhere (and liked/disliked)… whatever could appeal to the Sharing Feed community on the whole can be posted on the site for all to see, rate and also comment. In Their Own Words

Sharing is everything…

Why It Might Be A Killer

Nobody had crossed Twitter with Digg before, and the concept works quite well in practice.

Some Questions About

How can this site be further developed?

Author : Roger Hollings

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