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ShareYourCart.comSuccessful sales should be judged by just one thing, namely how encouraged to talk about your products and services your customers are. If one of them recommends your store to three or four of his friends, then that’s it. That was a successful sale. Sales that don’t lead into yet more sales are eventually going to leave you and your company stranded in no-man’s land. And if you’ve known that all along, but you could never think of a way to motivate your customers to talk about your products then I’ve got the perfect service for you. ShareCart is a social affiliate marketing tool that encourages customers to talk about your products by giving them free coupons. That is, every time a customer tells his friends about anything he has bought at your store via social media then he will receive a coupon. By applying this coupon to his shopping cart, he’ll be getting a discount.

You (as the merchant) are the one choosing how much of a discount you’re giving to your customers (in fixed amount, percentage, or free shipping). Besides, you’re choosing which social media channels are going to be valid. If you want to keep your social media marketing campaign focused on nothing but Facebook, then you can easily do that.

And you know what’s best? That you can get started for free. Simply submit your site’s URL and your email to get the code you need to paste on your site to have this service implemented. In Their Own Words

An innovative and clever social marketing tool that focuses on increasing the number of customers as well as consumer loyalty by offering small incentives to stimulate user engagement.

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