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ShareSWF.comWhen the word “Flash” is usually mentioned, most people make an immediate mental link with games. But there is more to the picture than meets the eye, and this new service showcases that.

Its objective is to enable netizens to share and discover Flash animations in categories as diverse as “Business Management”, “Career & Jobs” and “Education & Health”. Further categories include “Entertainment & Sports” and “Inspiration & Motivation”. But the most interesting is probably the one named “Startups & Innovation”, aimed at small businesses owners and entrepreneurs to feature and highlight their products and services all across the WWW.

As well as browsing through the selections that have been put forward by others, you can obviously submit your very own Flash animation for fellow internauts to admire and comment upon.

Not many people would think of browsing through random Flash animation, and that is obviously the main asset of this site. After all, Flash technology is stimulating bar none, and it yields very good results without demanding a Herculean effort. And the content found on this site highlights that fact splendidly. In Their Own Words

“Upload and Share your Flash SWF Files.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It brings anybody a clear understanding of the uses and flexibility that characterize Flash technology.

Some Questions About

How many animations are usually uploaded per day? Which categories are the most active ones?

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