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ShareMyDeal.comWe can accurately define Share My Deal as a community site which is aimed at shoppers. Here, they will be able to convene and share the best deals they have found around, organizing them by category as it is only natural.


And the site has a further element to it since users are given cash backs for shopping at the featured merchant stores. Moreover, site users are rewarded for their contributions to the forum with further cash backs of different denomination.

As it is the case with sites such as this one (and as it is necessary for the site to be as effective as it intends to be), the best deals are spotlighted on the main page. These are arrived at by members of the community, too, and that gives them further relevance. Besides, tips for having a better shopping experience are actively featured and highlighted in a similar way. In that sense, it certainly can be said that the site strives to do all that could be done in order to provide users with a smooth shopping experience on the WWW. In Their Own Words

“ is the social shopper community that not only gives cash back to members for online shopping with our merchant stores, but also rewards members for contributions to the forum with referrer cash back and deal poster cash back. Shop with us, you never miss a deal!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site collects deals encompassing each and every category you can think of, and the fact it is fueled by users just makes it even more compelling.

Some Questions About

How often is the site updated?

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