– The More The Merrier you thought that shared property was a vision that only Kibbutz living socialists could love, you’re sorely mistaken. Imagine owning, or perhaps renting a fabulous penthouse in London.

Can’t afford it you say? What if you were to split the costs with others? You could afford the place of your dreams without compromise. Alternately, you could invest in a lucrative piece of land, earning you more income in the long run. If co-investing, co-living, or shared ownership sounds appealing to you, SharedSpaces is the place to go. This UK based site will help you find property partners. Search through their database to find the most viable partner for you. Get financial tips and advice. Find out legal reqs and important financial details. It’s all there—try out the service for free. In Their Own Words

“Whether you are looking to buy or rent, live in a property or invest for the rental income or capital appreciation, co-living can help you afford somewhere bigger, better and sooner than you could on your own. Co-living means teaming up with one or more others to afford your property dreams. Imagine having twice or three times your budget, dividing all the costs and not having to compromise on size or location. Come register, search and meet your ideal property partner through us. Let us help you with your mortgage and conveyancing needs. Together we can do anything.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Flat-sharing is common enough. It saves money after all and flatmates are fun to have. Take the same concept and extend it to co-investing or co-sharing property. By sharing the costs, you’ll be able to buy better place without having to compromise. All fees are divided so you don’t have to shoulder the costs in case of a failing market. ShareSpaces is filled with very useful info about all this, and it helps users connect. It’s well designed and easy to navigate.

Some Questions About

Will people go for it? How are candidates selected? Are they screened?