– Discovering New Music And Sharing It

ShareDJ.comShareDJ is a new way to discover and listen to music. The basis of the whole system is that it is a social one.

We can compare it with a big database of lyrics organized by artist and by album which can be freely searched. You can look for any artist that you are interested in by criteria such as his/her name, the title of the song, and the actual album.

Once you have found what you were looking for, you will be given the chance to read the full lyrics to that song and watch any YouTube clip that might exist. You can then favorite the song and then recommend it to those that you follow and who follow you on the site.

As it was only to expect from a site that is named ShareDJ, playlists can be created easily and shared with everybody. In this way, you can share not only individual tracks but also other tracks by the same artist that you feel are inspiring, and tracks by related artists that you feel go hand in hand. In Their Own Words

“ is a new way to enjoy music. We allow users to find, listen and watch their favourite artists. It’s not only a great way to discover new trends, but users can share their music experience with all their friends!!!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Music is undoubtedly one of the biggest forms of entertainment, and social sites like this one make it all the more entertaining.

Some Questions About

How many songs can make up a playlist? Can you have unlimited playlists to go with?