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ShareDen.comShareDen is a new resource that aims to make the life of designers that little bit easier. You see, the site will enable them to upload and host their design-related files on a space that will be allocated to them.

Using this system it is very easy to store every coding-related file along with scripts and media of any kind. Likewise, full applications can be stored in an equally uncomplicated fashion.

Uploading anything to the site is quite straightforward, as you simply pick the files that you want to store one by one and then proceed to queue them. When your queue is ready, it is a simple matter of hitting the button that reads “Upload!” and away your files go.

Of course, a system like this one is good not only for the mere backup of files but also for sharing them with others, as the files become accessible in an unified location, and they are presented and arranged in the order that the original uploader chose. So this new resource stands as an apt spot for collaboration, too. In Their Own Words

“Where designers and creatives can upload files for free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It makes the process of storing and retrieving vital files an easy one.

Some Questions About

Will the service always be provided for free?