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SharedConfession.comThink of SharedConfession as a sort of group confessional. Rather than confiding in your local ordained priest, you confide in the community.


Confess your deepest, dirtiest, most shameful secrets and see if the people respond. Each confession is posted Digg style on the homepage and other confessors will rate your revelation according to their interest dip stick. The most titillating and interesting confessions get top bill. Tepid, mundane admissions get buried. Confessions are assigned to one of nine categories, seven of which can be classified as deadly sins (greed, glutton, wrath, etc) and the other two cover everything else. As with any other social network, you’ll get an account and username (try not to use your real name to avoid embarrassment); all your confessions are aggregated. You can make confession buddies. If you’ve found a particularly scandalous tell all, subscribe to his/her RSS feed and never miss a beat. Pictures can be added to make your confession all the more scintillating. In Their Own Words

“Sharedconfession, Is a site where users can confess there deepest darkest secrets. Just submit your confession and let others tell you if its interesting or not by the votes. Anybody willing to share their confession is welcome to submit it. We reserve the right to remove any confession for any reason we see fit. This power will be used with the utmost caution and be reserved for removing offensive, hate, other demeaning types of confessions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

People eat up stuff like this. Confessions, secrets, real world revelations—it’s all very fascinating stuff. The public is always searching for something scandalous, something slightly or very controversial to whet their appetite. SharedConfession presents a simple yet intriguing way to get your daily fix of human scandal and sin.

Some Questions About

The categories all lead to one direction or another perhaps limiting the type of confessions that can be posted. It would behoove of the site to add video functionality. Images do go a long way.

Author : Siri Marshall

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