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Share.ovi.comShare on Ovi is a new web-based photo, video and file sharing service from the Finnish wonder, Nokia. You can upload and share an unlimited amount of files to your Share on Ovi account, and since this is indeed a Nokia endeavor, the page and its contents are available both on your computer or on a compatible mobile phone.


Users can control who they share their media with by setting up various channels and then choosing whether to allow open access to any given channel or by choosing a few friends they’d like to share it with. The media that users store on Ovi can also be downloaded to blogs or other sites and friends can also submit their own media to a given users site providing they have received permission to do so. In Their Own Words

“Signed into so many sites, you don’t know where you are? Share on Ovi lets you upload and share all your photos, videos and other media in one simple place. Plus, it’s easy to use and completely free.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

In its current stage of development, Share on Ovi might not be the most feature-rich multimedia sharing site but it still must be considered a possible giant in the making due to it being backed by Nokia.

Some Questions About

Will they be incorporating a user voting system whereby members can vote on their favorites? Will they be developing more sharing channels?

Author : Caroline Bright

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