Sfsocialstudies.com – Scott Foresman Social Studies

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Scott Foresman Social Studies is a project of Pearson Education Inc., a publisher of educational materials that is commonly regarded as one of the leaders in its field. It provides scientific research in the shape both of print and digital programs that help students learn at their own pace, in their own way. These programs are widely respected both in educational and professional circles, and they are really comprehensive in terms of scope. They deal with all subjects, and they are available for every age and level of student, from preK-12 through higher education and on into professional life.

SFSocialStudies.com includes a social studies library, an atlas, and a “Today In History” segment. Interactive content is used extensively, and that turns the whole site into the ideal tool for educating small children who might otherwise become bored really fast by the lessons they’re taking.

You can find the whole list of interactive activities on the homepage, as well as a calendar of current events that you could attend with your little ones or (if you’re a teacher) with you whole class.

And since the site is available both in English and in Spanish, the whole project is twice as appealing. You can choose which version of the site you want to access when first pointing your browser to SFSocialStudies.com; if you want to change your language later then you’ll have to go back and pick a different one on the landing page.