sfCUBE.com – A New Incubator Arrives

sfCUBE.comThe luck of budding entrepreneurs is in, as a new incubator has just arrived. This particular one is named sfCUBE, it is presented by Dylan Rosario and Ben Bedi, and it hails from San Francisco, the land of Twitter and countless other projects and technological developments of note.

This new incubator will make a point of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs alike. It also pays special heed to the “informal” aspects and it focuses on the community rather than on profit.

The incubator itself has 6 main tenets, which are termed “sides” on the site. They are “Intellectual Property”, “Connect”, “Market”, “Office Facility”, “Information Technology” and “Management”. That is, the cornerstones that any person who hopes to make some inroads into the industry should be acquainted with.

The idea of endeavors like this one is equipping newcomers with the necessary knowledge for avoiding the obvious pitfalls, and helping them fully explore and maximize their ideas, turning these into valuable assets for everybody. And that includes us, the eventual customers.

You can apply on the site. A lengthy form has to be filled in, and if all goes well you are going to receive a patent application filed by their in-house patent attorneys.

sfCUBE.com In Their Own Words

“Whether your a SaaS internet software company, or a hot dog vendor, you will benefit from your participation in sfCUBE. The best companies are local companies, and sfCUBE makes it a point to support the small busines, and independent entrepreneur with affordable services and quality support in a co-working environment.”

Why sfCUBE.com It Might Be A Killer

Emerging talent is certain to relish having more channels for realizing its potential such as this one.

Some Questions About sfCUBE.com

How many startups do they plan to incubate? sfCUBE.com