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SetYourRate.comSetYourRate is a directory for any type of service. The UK based site is implementing a self set auction to the local service industry.


Individuals with a service to offer advertise themselves, however buyers set the price. Each provider than battles it out to meet that price. As it’s completely user-based, services can run from the general—personal trainer—to the more specific—private Spanish tutor. Each bid contains the service details, cost per hour and messaging. Service providers or sellers may set up a profile, while buyers may fill out a form and state their needs and the price they’re willing pay. Service sellers can then browse and bid on those requests. Currently, the service is only available for UK residents. Registration is free. In Their Own Words

“We witnessed the frustrations people had when they wanted to find a specific Service, for example a local Spanish tutor, personal trainer or cleaner, and the lack of instantly accessible information about the Service.

Starting with this issue we planned our product from scratch with the goal of making the process of finding and advertising Services simpler, more efficient and more effective.

The other reason we created was to simplify and produce a site where ad hoc Services could be found and accessed. We saw this opportunity after looking at our friends and family and instantly saw skill sets which they could effortlessly package and offer as a micro Service. The result is enables anyone to offer freelance Services using just their skill sets and availability.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a good idea—service providers can easily offer their skills and buyers can get the right price. The interface is clean and easy to navigate. It’s got a professional layout that will attract the right people and it’s accessible to everyone.

Some Questions About

Most of these sellers seem to be amateurs. I doubt the majority would be willing to trust them—the phone book seems a safer bet. Will they integrate a payment platform? Is there anyway to assure that service providers are legit?

Author : Siri Marshall

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