Sesame Gives Us Full Control Of Our Messages

Once you hit send, there’s nothing you can do. Your message is out in the world forever. We’ve all heard similar warnings before, which do help teach a reasonable level of caution when messaging. However, we need better control of our communication. Your messages should still be yours long after pushing a button.


Sesame is a new messaging app (currently available in the App Store) that lets us be smarter about our messages and send them more securely.


sesame mobile


For starters, Sesame establishes that your messages and content are your property, so you’re within your rights to take things back as you see fit. The app also equips its users with custom controls. For example, you can decide how long a message is viewable for recipients. You can also disable forwarding so that unintended person can see your message. Perhaps most importantly, you can unsend at any time.


Everyone, everyone, has sent at least one regrettable message. With Sesame, doing so should no longer trigger a meltdown. Instead, you can easily delete messages off of remote devices any time, even years later. So, let’s say you’ve shared some ahem photos in a relationship that ends. Take the photos back and spare everyone embarrassment.


The app provides encryption so that your messages are secure, end to end. And, don’t take this personally, but Sesame is smarter about messages than you are. We all make mistakes. Even when we have useful controls at our disposal, we forget to employ them. Not to worry with Sesame. It has your back at all times.


Using cognitive intelligence, Sesame continuously monitors activity. This ensures that your permissions and rules are always followed. Maybe you haven’t heard the news yet about someone changing jobs, which would dictate that they should no longer be privy to your messages. Sesame is smart enough to register the change for you and respond accordingly. It’s your digitally aware messaging assistant, hard at work in the background.


Bottom line, your data is yours. Keep it safe, and message with both greater control and peace of mind, by using Sesame.


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