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Serviceguy.orgDo you need a service person to come and fix something for you in a hurry but you don’t want to have to search through the phone book or register your demographic information on a webpage? Chances are, if you’ve ever needed the assistant of a service person you haven’t wanted to have to go through a timely process to finally get someone on the phone. Enter ServiceGuy, a completely free service that promises to put you into contact with a service provider in your area immediately.

Simply go to their page, select your city and the service you require and you will be immediately put into contact with an available service provider who can come to your house immediately. In Their Own Words

“ServiceGuy utilizes patent pending technologies to a) find available service providers and b) immediately connect those providers to the consumer’s telephone. Visitors to ServiceGuy’s website simply select a city, a service and are presented with a local phone number. When the consumer is ready to talk to a provider he can dial the number and immediately talk to a service provider (no messages, no waiting, no call backs).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With an extensive network already, ServiceGuy could quickly become the portal of choice for people who need a reliable service provider quickly. They’ve made this service so simple that anyone would try it.

Some Questions About

Why are they offering this service? It is completely free both for the consumer and the provider and there is no advertising on the page. Is this really an altruistic endeavor that simply aims to help providers get business and consumers to find help?

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