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ServerCyde.comServerCyde does something really novel, as it lets programmers build database-driven apps using only one language (JavaScript), and with no server configuration. That’s wildly original – the creation of such application always involves using a good couple of languages, and doing something as tricky as setting databases up. This involves building secure user management and database object relation mappers, the kind of task that newcomers find nothing short of unapproachable.


That’s why ServerCyde is such a game-changer. Its users can come up with database driven apps using just client side JavaScript and Amazon SimpleDB. And Facebook Connect is used to wrap everything together.

All of the above means that it’s now easier than ever to build web apps for practically every platform you could think of, without having to master different languages and to handle user sessions and database connections manually. ServerCyde tackles these bits for you, and it enables you to focus on building the actual app to the best of your abilities.

A free-for-life plan is provided along with four plans that are paid, suiting the needs both of companies that are just getting started and the ones which have already seen a lot of world. Pricing starts for as little as $1 per month. In Their Own Words

Add Server Features to Your Site in Minutes with Zero Server Code! Build features for the most platforms, in the least amount of time, with only one language and zero server configuration.

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Where are the limitations of the free plan felt more strongly? Who is primarily meant to use it?

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