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SeoDigger.comIf you want to know which keyphrases are best for you and your competitors – ask SeoDigger. SeoDigger is the online search optimization service, helping seo-spesialists in their work.

This service shows at which keywords your web site has leading position. Type in the domain in the form at the, and service find and show you those key phrases, which are positioned at the first 20 Google or MSN results. SeoDigger archive has approximately 44,000,000 keywords. Besides site position and keywords, this tool provides an estimate of the keyword count on WordTracker and Overture. Using SeoDigger you always can monitor your competitors and promoted web sites. Registration is free. In Their Own Words

“Parsed approx 60,000,000 keywords with depth of 20 first Google results! Anonymous visitors limited to hourly 5 links searches, registered users has unlimited links and limited to hourly 10 domains searches!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s a simple chance to know your competitor’s best keywords, and the opportunity to improve your promotion strategy.

Some Questions About

There are already many sites offering SEO services, how are they planning to compete with them?