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Sensobi.comIn case you are looking for a useful and fast way to organize all your data to remember anything and accomplish all your tasks, Sensobi will be a solution that will be useful for you and other business professionals. Do you want to keep in touch with all you important contacts in a totally uncomplicated way? If so, keep reading about this new website because it could be a good way to use a new Blackberry address book designed to help you accomplish these goals.


You already know that there are times when you need to talk to somebody and you really do not remember what you talked about the last time you were in touch. That is one of the many reasons why this solution has come to the market because it helps you to see when you last talked with anybody and what it was about.

In this way, Sensobi makes available for you an intelligent system to maximize your communications with anybody you want no matter if they are part of you professional or personal networks. How does the system work? Well, you have to download Sensobi to use of such as address book. After you do this you can click on a contact and the system will give you the date of your last communication with this person as well as your next scheduled communication.

This is a good way to organize your contacts and you will get a review of all their information in addition to the history of all your calls, texts, and emails. The service includes the alternative to automatically email, call, or text anybody you have in your list, and grade their priority among other interesting options. Learn more about this great solution at In Their Own Words

“Sensobi is currently available for any BlackBerry handset that can support AppWorld, with the exception of the BlackBerry Storm. We are working hard to provide Storm support as soon as possible and will keep you posted”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it is a good way to organize people’s information and the way they interact with their contacts.

Some Questions About

When is this service going to be available for users of other mobile systems?

Author : Paul Barker

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