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Senseg.comTouch is one of the most important senses for human beings. In fact, a person could be blind, deaf, or mute but touch will complement any of these impairments.


Touch makes us feel alive. What do you say when you want to communicate with other people? The answer is “Let’s keep in touch”.

Touch gives you the possibility to develop a material consciousness of reality and thus differentiate yourself from the environment.

This site belongs to a company that is in charge to develop high-tech devices that can be only activated by touch. These screens and touch panels make many of our experiences more intuitive.

The unique Senseg E-Sense technology has been created in order to provide a much more usable and durable product through a wide range of surfaces specially made to bring a rich user experiences.

Among the many products you will find on this site, you can get information about handheld devices as well as wall-sized interactive displays, and much more. Senseg E-Sense uses a very interesting technology that provides users with the possibility to feel, touch and react to a variety of surfaces.

Senseg E-Sense technology creates touch sensations to active surfaces based on the latest developments on biophysics; more precisely electro-sensory field effect. This technology creates a light pressure between your finger tissue and the Senseg E-Sense surface by using a field effect. In case you want to learn more about this new innovation, you should give this site a visit. In Their Own Words

“With Senseg E-Sense, virtually all surfaces can be made to deliver rich user experiences.”

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