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SendLove.toThis site proves there’s so much more to do when one is writing a blog post in which a famous person is mentioned than merely linking to a site like Wikipedia in order to let readers know more about who is being mentioned. A service like enables bloggers to turn these posts they write in which celebrities are mentioned into true catalysts for discussion, as people can vote on the famous people whose names appear on the text. The results will the be aggregated, and used to feed a public database showing everybody who’s more popular in the public eye, and who is frankly unpalatable.

If this sound like the kind of service that could let your blog stick better on the mind of vistors, then you’ll be really glad to know that A) It can be implemented very quickly, as all you have to do is install a plug-in, and B) It’s a service that costs absolutely nothing.

The plugin is available for virtually every blogging platform of renown – WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, Drupal, Squarespace… In Their Own Words

We help publishers build community by creating a whole new kind of conversation: one about people.

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