– Easy and Professional Newsletter Sending

Sendloop.comSendloop is a new entry to the email campaign market that promises to provide the easiest and most professional newsletter sending service at a good price. With free customizable templates, a spam tester, detailed “opened and clicked” statistics and unlimited list divisions, Sendloop provides everything required to run a successful email campaign.

Signing up is free and allows you to set up an unlimited number of users, you just pay a fixed cost of 1 cent per sent email. You can sign up, upload your contacts and be ready to send your first blast within minutes, making Sendloop a quick and easy way to maximize the potential of your mailing lists. In Their Own Words

“Sendloop started on February 2008 due to the need for a powerful yet easy to use email marketing and email sending service in the market. Sendloop includes all professional features that you will need for your email marketing campaign combined with a very easy to use interface. In just a few minutes, you will get your account up and ready to send your first email campaign.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Due to the ease of use and easy to understand pricing, Sendloop could become the email campaign manager of choice for people with small lists that want to send out the occasional newsletter.

Some Questions About

This market is already saturated and it is doubtful that Sendloop will be able to gain significant traction amongst mid to large size companies with multiple lists. Are they currently developing tools that will help them to differentiate themselves like CRM integration? There just does not seem to be anything original enough in Sendloop that will allow them to succeed in this already well-established market.