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SendHub.comSendHub is a new messaging platform that makes for sending and receiving text messages both from individuals and from groups. This service is provided for free, and it works in a really fast and simple way. All you have to do is to sign in using your Facebook or Google profile in order to get a 10-digit number that you can then use to contact as many people as you want by SMS. And I mean it – you can import full documents from services like Gmail and Outlook. If you work as a marketer, it’s very easy to have a whole CSV document imported into SendHub, and reach out to all the people in that document in one fell swoop.


And once a message has been sent, other users can then join in using a keyword that you have predefined. Just texting that word will let them sign up for your updates. And you’ll get to measure how successful your marketing efforts are being thanks to the provided analytics program. Deliveries, click-throughs, blocks… the provided stats make for understanding everything in seconds.

I believe that SendHub’s largest appeal lies there, in how it lets business users launch campaigns and track their results so thoroughly, without having to spend an extravagant amount of money just to get everything done. And it’s also fair to assume that people like parents wanting to organize children’s activities (like little leagues) wouldfind a platform like this one appealing. After all, they’re ensured a much larger degree of privacy than a site like Facebook, where settings are so complex that information which is meant to remain private can end up being public. In Their Own Words

Send one message to everyone. Send texts to individuals and groups for free.

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Which paid features are available? Who would be interested in them?

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