– The Easy Way to Send Large Files

SendAlong.comConstantly sending files through email? Frustrated with the long upload times and the inevitable size limits? With SendAlong you can skip the whole email process and send files quickly and easily. To start out, simply fill in the email addresses of the recipients, much as you would using your regular mail client, jot down a message and choose which files you want to send.

Finally, hit send. SendAlong will keep you updated with the uploading process; once all files have been uploaded, your recipients will receive an email with a link to download the files. Files may be password protected if you choose. Each of your uploads are recorded together with the details of each transaction, e.g. how many times each file was downloaded and to whom you sent each file. Plans start at $10 a month for 2GB of upload bandwidth and 5 downloads per file. 15GB a month will set you back $54 a month. There is a free version available as well. In Their Own Words

“Clean, intuitive interface. Simple, fast uploads. Lightning fast downloads.
SendAlong has an easy to use interface that gets out of your way.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

SendAlong simply works. It’s powerful and extremely effective. Instead of having to constantly carry around a fire drive or cds, users can employ SendAlong to take care of all their file sharing needs. It gets the job done without any hitches.

Some Questions About

SendAlong is competing within a saturated market. There are many other file sharing services which are quite similar and in fact cheaper. How will SendAlong up its game?