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SemanticFocus.comSemanticFocus is a blog dedicated to exploring the development of a semantic web. You’ll find thought-out pieces which examine ways in the web is becoming more an extension and conduit for operating on our behalf.

The blog has a friendly, and decidedly pedestrian tone which makes it appealing for those who aren’t steeped in academia. The blog’s goal is in fact to demystify the semantic web and open it up to discussion for everyone. In one of the first entries, you’ll find a pretty clear and articulate explanation of what the semantic web is (there are even diagrams). It makes for interesting read for those who know a little, or even a lot about the semantic web. Topics are listed on the side and there’s a search bar as well. Readers are encouraged to respond and make comments. The site has a feed too. In Their Own Words

” Semantic Focus is a blog and community for the Semantic Web and everything related to it. The blog contains insightful views into the Semantic Web as well as important information and news about the Semantic Web community.
This community was created to focus the effort of reaching the Semantic Web as well as become a center for communication about Semantic Web development.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Semantic Focus brings a fresh, informative and fun vision to the semantic web. It’s got a detailed explanation which is not pedantic nor pedagogic, but rather conversational and engaging. It’s a great tool to help new comers get interested and educated.

Some Questions About

Is this blog too niche? Most likely only a select audience will be interested in SemanticFocus, will that be enough?