Wanna Make Some Money On That App? SellMyApp

Everyone is all about the apps these days — as they should be. The migration of so many users from web to mobile means that apps can be a great way to reach your customers. Plus, if any of my developer friends are to be believed, apps are often a lot of fun to make! (Also a huge PIA, of course, as anything worth doing usually is.)


But what happens when you’ve created your app? What do you do then, other than submit it to the App Store and Google Play and hope for the best? Well, one option is taking it to SellMyApp, an online app marketplace. And it’s a different kind of app marketplace than those consumer-facing ones, because SellMyApp is about selling your source code to other developers.


Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 5.15.58 PM


One element that makes SellMyApp stand out from the crowd is the fact that they’re clearly about community, not just about making money. Part of the site is focused on tutorials, where users help other users learn the ins and outs of app creation. At the moment, the tutorials seem to be mostly created by SellMyApp, but there’s an obvious focus on getting more info up there from a wide variety of sources. The site is definitely aiming to be a go-to hub for people to come and not only learn how to create apps but also make some money and build community while they’re at it.


In order to facilitate that growth, SellMyApp has created “seller levels,” starting with “Gold” and leading all the way up to “Kryptonite.” As you sell more code and write more tutorials, you level up within the system. So, for example, a Gold level member will get 70% commission rates on their own code whereas a Kryptonite level member will get 80% commission rates, 10% affiliate commission, and will be “featured in multiple placements.” In order to make it there, though, you have to be committed: it requires at least $5,000 in sales volume, referring at least 10 customers, and writing at least 10 tutorials.


So, app creator, are you ready to go for that Kryptonite? Head over to SellMyApp and get started buying, selling, and creating community.


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