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Identity theft is a crime which seems far fetched because of the silence in which it is committed, in comparison to other types of crime which (however grave) are visible. is a company that watches out for you, and protects you from the possible risks of becoming an identity theft victim. This makes it look as a more down to earth chance, for no enterprise would offer this service if there was not a real need for it. Indeed, hearing testimonies from this kind of victims will make you realize what a hard situation they have suffered, and how long the sequels may last. strives to protect you from this threat by different proven procedures. As a member of the site, you’ll be able to get the benefit of regular credit reports and credit monitoring. These are the most effective ways of discovering identity theft. But the services don’t end there, because you also get insurance in case this unfortunate event happens to you. It is an important aspect, because sometimes the costs of recovering your identity may exceed the actual losses caused. Of course, too, you are given all the advice you need in how to follow the process for identity recovery.

But apart from the protection described, Identity Theft Protection offers further services related to your finances, such as tips on how to protectyour identity by yourself, explanations on how to understand your credit reports, a loan payment calculator, and a mortgage payment calculator, to name but a few.

In case you are not sure about taking this service, the company offers a $1 membership for the first month for you to check it and discover how it works. After that, the monthly fee is $12.99. You can join through the website or over the phone, and also, you can cancel your membership by phone, e-mail, or the webpage. In Their Own Words

Identity Theft Protection is a comprehensive credit reporting, credit monitoring and Identity Theft Protection service that helps you maintain control over your most critical information.

Why It Might Be A Killer offers a service that compensates for one of the true downsides of modern technology.

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