– A New Take On Website Analytics

Seevolution.comSeevolution provides webmasters with a very practical way to see all the visits that their sites are receiving in real time. Seevolution works by displaying a transparent overlay right on the site that is being analyzed.

The main function of this overlay is to show you exactly which content has merited the biggest number of clicks. That is, the overlay is a true heatmap that highlights the hottest content that you are offering.

And there is much more to Seevolution than that, as it can study the way your visitors behave for you and proceed to send you email alerts notifying you if the actual design of your site is keeping visitors from delving on it any further than its homepage.

If you are a webmaster, you already know how advantageous it would be to keep track of the behavior of your visitors without even have to navigate away from the page in question. I am sure you will feel like giving this application a try. And you will be very pleased when you find that an account can be created for free. In Their Own Words

“Website analytics with heatmaps.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let webmasters analyze the traffic they are receiving without even having to leave the pages they are on, and in a way that is immediately associable at that.

Some Questions About

Is this more suitable to sites that serve any specific kind of content? Or is that irrelevant?