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SeeSpotSlide.comSeeSpotSlide is a new web-based app which allows users to create, store and share their photo slides of pics from the major content providers, like Flickr, Amazon (cover art), Facebook and SmugMug (videos, Friendster, Spout and bebo will also be available in a short while), though no directly uploaded images. The really good bit about the service is that you can select some ads for campaigns or brands you like or support to throw into your slideshow in order to generate awareness in the people that will receive it.


SeeSpotSlide is still in alpha version, so there are a lot of features that are not working too smoothly (is you are a Firefox user, when you go to the editing area, you’ll be sad to discover that you can’t scroll to the end of the page), but as it is, you can quite roughly get the idea of what this exciting project is all about. In Their Own Words

“We are providing a way for advertisers to be added to your content on your terms! Some brands we love. We call them affinity brands and we don’t mind representing their products or services. For example, if you love snowboarding and you’re a Burton rider, don’t you think it would be cool to have a Burton ad in your snowboarding vacation photos? We know Burton would. And who knows, Burton might throw you some swag for representing them!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

SeeSpotSlide is a great solution for those who have a very active digital and social network life, because it allows you to create your slides using the stuff you have already uploaded to other social networks, so you don’t need to do the job again each time. Also very convenient about the site is that once you’ve finished editing your slides, you can automatically publish them in several social platforms, or get a link to send it via email. These people have really put the one-stop-shop notion into work!

Some Questions About

Including ads in slides does not involve any kind of benefit for their creators/publishers. The constant visual clutter one is exposed to when surfing the internet is increasingly overwhelming, and people seem to be getting more and more tired of it, so it seems quite unlikely that people will merrily go on to place ads in their personal slideshows for free. Will they? What is in it for them?

Author : Caroline Bright

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