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Seesay.comWhen you forward an article over e-mail, the message includes both the article and your comments. When your friends forward the message to their acquaintances, your name and comments go with the message to strangers.


We have all seen a forwarded message from a friend with a long list of previous senders and their comments.

Seesay is a website that looks and feels like web e-mail. Seesay messages have two parts – one for the article, and another for your comments. The article part is forwardable and the comment part is not. This allows users to discuss privately using the comment part, while the article can be spread by forwarding it among friends of friends. The popularity of each article is reported as it spreads.

The article can be composed within Seesay or it can just be a link. If multiple users forward the same link, Seesay treats them as the same article. Messages can also be sent without any article – this allows users to have just a private, non-forwardable discussion.

Articles spread by forwarding among friends. They are also discussed privately among friends. Seesay shows how many users read each article and how many comments they made (including replies to others comments). Seesay shows the most popular articles in these categories as an RSS feed.

From Seesay, you can send a message to any email address. If the email address belongs to a Seesay user, the message goes to his/her Seesay inbox. Otherwise, a regular e-mail is sent, inviting them to join Seesay. Your friend can sign up to Seesay or read the article without having to sign up.

Seesay also includes other bells and whistles. For instance, users can sign up with their GMail account with one click. Likewise, a RSS reader is provided and users can employ it to forward articles with one click. In final place, contacts can be imported from Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail and AOL. This way, you will be fully connected in no time at all. In Their Own Words

‘Seesay is a place to stay in touch with friends by sharing interesting articles privately.’

Why It Might Be A Killer

As per studies, 85% of all e-mail users forward messages to their friends. Seesay provides better privacy than e-mail and allows users to forward articles non-intrusively. Even if 10% of people that forward e-mails adopt Seesay, it will grow to millions of users.

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Author : Charly Zaks

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