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Seeqpod.comWould you like to download your favorite music and music videos? Are you looking for music lyrics? If that is the case, this could be the right site for you to visit. provides a music search engine that allows you to search and discover music and videos all over the Web. Then, if you want to search for music, this site might be of help.

On you will also have the chance to download ringtones and videos, as well as getting infromation on your favorite band’s tour dates and all the data you need to embed a song in your MySpace blog. Would you like to get free music videos? Are you looking for song lyrics? If that is so, you can try this website out.

Therefore, if you need a powerful music search engine, you might want to visit this site. Remember next time you want search for your favorite music. In Their Own Words

\”Now, more than ever, it is important to be able to find, discover, and manage the wealth of information available on the Internet.

SeeqPod is a totally different breed of search and discovery technology provider, because we believe that one day, everything will be ‘playable’. Hence we have embraced the term ‘Playable Search’.

The team at SeeqPod is passionate about technology as well as music. So first we decided to apply some pretty sophisticated technology to music and video search so that anyone, anywhere can mine the deepest crevices and corners of the Web for media that is publicly available, yet not always easy to find.

Currently in Beta, SeeqPod’s first consumer site empowers users by allowing them to search and discover music and video all over the Web. Our intelligent software robots work with targeted crawling systems to auto-submit content to the site. This, combined with user submissions, results in a large and rich search and discovery index. This process can be viewed in real-time via the PodCrawler.

Born out of UC’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), ‘Playable Search’ is made possible through biomimetic search & discovery technology, a method that mimics the way the human mind might use context to make and recall associations, an approach which relies on context by finding the hidden relationships in digital content and data.

SeeqPod has provided public access to its technologies through SeeqPod Media Search, Recommendation and Discovery Services (SMSRDS), a REST-based API. SMSRDS enables third-party developers to easily integrate SeeqPod technologies into social networks, ad networks, and other consumer applications, and improve their user’s experience in new and novel ways.\”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Combining the elements of music search, recommendation, immediate playability, buying, and sharing, Seeqpad is taking the online music genre to a new level.
The founders hope to use the same algorithm it uses to find music recommendations for other uses as well, including health, finance, marketing, etc.
In other words, these guys are innovators and invested in sticking around for a long time.

Some Questions About

When I did a search for specific songs, the results were not as strong as my results for artists. And, even for legendary artists like the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, the selection was limited. Can they add to their music library outside of what early 20-yr olds put on their MySpace page and iPod?