– Find Your Inner Martha

SeeMyDesign.comWhether you’re a novice inspired by today’s rack of home decorating lit such as Better Homes and Gardens or the more urbane Real Simple, or if you’re a certified professional, SeeMyDesign will make your interior designs stand out. This free, online decorating platform offers designers a range of easy to use, practical tools for visualizing layouts, patterns, principles, elements and more.

The Paint Preview feature allows users to preview over 12 million paint color combinations and textures within seconds. Users can work out their arrangements and designs with the Layout workspace planning tool. The Design Plan allows professional designers to tally up costs, calculate supplies, write a design statement and share plans with the client. Other features include a color palette with a tutorial on themes and theory, a flooring page for comparing different options for your floor, a lighting fixtures section which offers advice about lighting any type of space, and a directory for finding supply stores in your area. In Their Own Words

“Our goal is to help you explore your creativity through fun activities and helpful information. Click back and enjoy SeeMyDesign™ Preview, Layout, Planner, interior design styles, resources, home decorating examples, principles, design help, things to consider, interior design associations, room elements and design elements. We hope you enjoy your stay.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a robust, feature packed design tool which both professionals and hobbyists will love. The workspace is intuitive and practical. There are plenty of examples and tips to help with any kind of design quandary.

Some Questions About

Will the site implement social features—e.g. design sharing, comments, and advice? Can users upload elements or designs? How will this be monetized?