– Take Notes With Your iPhone

Seembee.comTaking notes into scraps of paper is never the best way to store information that we are going to need later on, but we all end up doing it for the simple fact that we often have no other option. Or do we? This new application has the objective of turning the taking of notes into something which is as fast and versatile as anything that we associate with mobile phones. It is titled Seembee, and it is currently available for iOS only. It basically lets users take photos of these things they would jot down otherwise. All these image files are then processed into a personalized web-based archive that also includes all documents that users have scanned.

Plus, Sembee makes for recording audio on the go. Musicians that get ideas for melodies in the most unconventional of settings (believe me, many do) could hardly find something more fulfilling, not the least because Sembee can be downloaded at the App Store and used entirely for free, for as long as they wish. In Their Own Words

Seembee is a document management application designed to save folks from having to ever again clumsily search through kitchen and office drawers looking for misplaced documents. With Seembee users can store and more easily categorize and chronicle important (and so often misplaced) notes, documents, receipts, scribbling, notations and transaction records.

Why It Might Be A Killer

By keeping everything centralized, Sembee puts an end to the horror of having vital notes misplaced.

Some Questions About

Will this app always remain free to use?