– Should I Stay Or Should I Go

SeeItSkipIt.comThe premise behind the “See It, Skip It” site is in actuality a simple one, but as I recall stating on a recent review, it is simplicity what often does the trick and keeps people coming back for more.

You see a movie trailer.

You love it and want to see the movie. You hate it and you are not getting near it. Either way, your opinion counts as far as this site is concerned. Basically, the site allows you to opine on the trailers you have seen and let other internauts know whether to “See it” or “Skip it” by casting your vote.

Some might claim that an approach like this is like judging a book by the cover – that is, an unfair opinion based on an appearance. I feel this stance is not exactly true. It is not the same to look at a book’s cover for a few seconds than watch the 2 or 3 best minutes out of a movie. The comparison could be drawn if you read the best passages from a book instead of just looking at its cover.

As it stands, this site plays an interesting role and it is worth checking out before going to the movies. And movie biz executives will also find it useful as they could garner first-hand information of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to the calling cards for their productions and prospective blockbusters. In Their Own Words

“There are many factors that effect our desire to watch a movie, from recommendations from friends, to reviews, to the actors playing the leading part, or the writers and directors, however we’ll often make up our minds after having seen the trailer for the movie. SeeItSkipIt allows you to view the latest movie trailers, and cast your vote as to whether you will watch the movie or not.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It can make people save both time and money.

Some Questions About

How many trailers are featured per week? Can I submit one myself?