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SeeFlik.comA site for young filmmakers, is where they can upload all their work for all to take a good look at it. SeeFlik features films in categories such as “Drama”, “Horror” and “Comedy”, and also in categories like “Experimental” and “Under 5 Minutes”. Just anybody can upload his own work – you don’t need to have a degree, or prove that you have studied at this or that university for what you’ve shot to be deemed worthy of inclusion on

All of the films that are featured on the site can be rated and discussed, and the ones that get the most views (and also the highest ratings) have the honor of being highlighted on the homepage. And the “Trailer of the Day” is the first thing that greets you when you first come across the site.

And in order to get young filmmakers encouraged to share their work, SeeFlik holds two annual competitions. There’s a grand prize of $20,000 to be had, and there’s also special awards coming both from the judges of the contest and from the crowd. The combined value of all prizes is no less than $50,000, and a winner can win multiple prizes at the same time. Prizes are awarded in the form of checks. In Their Own Words

Searching for the next great filmmaker.

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What about holding more competition per year?